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Whatsapp's new privacy policy gives content material to creators

Updated: May 2, 2021

Whatsapp's new policy has raised a certain amount of eyeballs for the wrong reasons. The latest update in their privacy policy involves people to agree to let #Whatsapp share customers' data with their parent company, #Facebook.

However, Whatsapp has clarified that they will not be sharing any personal chats with Facebook and the chats will remain to be encrypted end-to-end. The data sharing with Facebook will only happen for business accounts on Whatsapp which are reportedly around 50 million.

But it didn't stop the creators from having a field day on #SocialMedia. Have a look at some amazing concepts rolled out by the #contentcreators.

  1. Ashwini Gupta

2. Pinkesh panchall

3. Sabari Krishnan

4. Yash Bharaj

5. Designer Space Official

6. Mayur Chettiyar

7. Pencilashan

8. Anirudh Parthsarthy

9. Alvin Johnson

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