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Want to enter The Cannes Lions Festival? Here are the rules you need to follow

The Cannes Lions International Festival is a global event for those working in fields like creative communications and advertising. They are rightly considered to be the undisputed global benchmark for creative excellence. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who believes in the power of creative possibility and wants to aim higher. If you relate to this, the information given below is a must read for you!

This article is a summary consisting of key information. Full entry rules along with terms and conditions can be found here.

  1. The first point to focus on before making an entry, is to ensure it has launched / aired / run within the relevant eligibility dates for the Lion it is entered into.

  2. The entry needs to be created within the context of a normal paying contract and genuine brief from a brand. If it is a case of self-promotion or a non-profit organization, the brand needs to have approved all the media or production.

  3. It is compulsory to have permission to enter this entry from the commissioning brand. Proof of this permission may be directly asked for from the brand itself.

  4. Brand contact details need to be included with your entry. This means name, position, and full contact details.

  5. The entry needs to be submitted exactly as published / aired / released.

  6. The entry should not be speculative or conceptual advertising and it should not have been banned or withdrawn from airing.

  7. Any senior officer from your company (CD, CEO, or Chairperson) has to give permission for your entry to be entered.

  8. Except in the case of self-promotion, there should be no reference to the entrant company or any contributing companies in any digital or physical materials or in the written submission.

  9. Your entry or digital / physical materials should be understood in English.

  10. All media included in your entry must be the final version at the point you complete and pay for them. No replacement or additional media will be accepted after a entry has been finalized and received by the Festival without exception.

  11. Once you submit your entry, you confirm that you own all applicable legal rights for all media included in your entry.

  12. You cannot enter your entry in more than six Lions, excluding Titanium Lions.

In case you fail to meet all the requirements, your entry may be ineligible for the Cannes Lions Festival. Inability to meet all the requirements may result in your entry being disqualified or withdrawn without any refund.

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