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Power of Social Media just did wonders for "Baba Ka Dhaba": The food joint run by 80 year old couple

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

In the era of viral video and trends emerging every day on #SocialMedia, here's one such video that went viral in 2020 for all the right reasons and completely changed the lives of two people for good.

As coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt, it resulted as a nightmare for businesses both large and small alike. Food and beverage industry, Hospitality and Travel industry are amongst the hardest hit.

The street businesses in India are among the worst ones hit due to lack of hygiene and lockdown. One such street food joint "Baba ka Dhaba" run by an 80 year old couple in Malviya Nagar, Delhi was going through their worst time since lockdown. Until, a food influencer Gaurav Wasan (@youtubeswadofficial) uploaded a video of the couple crying over the struggle to make ends meet. The video spread like wildfire and went viral on Instagram in no time.

Everyone came in support to help the couple by either donating to them or applauding their efforts on their profiles making them viral. As a result, the couple received a massive footfall on their joint the next day along with huge donations coming in.

The video has so far received 30.8 million views and counting with 1.4M likes and 39.8K comments.

Many brands and creators also contributed to the brand by appreciating them in their own way. Here are some of those creatives that we absolutely loved.



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