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Parle-G redefines #genius; says geniuses are the emotional intelligent children.

Parle-G, running for longer than 80 decades now, has taken forward its famous

“#GManeGenius” campaign by launching a series of short films that shed light on emotional

intelligence in children. The campaign emphasizes on how children innocently put others’

happiness ahead of theirs. It keeps up with an imperative topic of now as it highlights the

awareness that children tend to naturally have about emotions which might go unnoticed in

our fast-moving world that lacks in empathy.

“Jo auron ki khushi mein, paye apni khushi" is the main idea that’s expressed throughout the

films. Children taking little steps to help others in the community, family and friends depict

how small actions have larger impacts. This appropriately expresses what Parle-G, as a

brand, has to offer to us- trust, comfort and happiness through a biscuit.

This campaign comes ahead of Parle-G’s help to the poor and needy in the time of despair

that we faced in 2020. Hence, this campaign’s message is more humanitarian and noble

than its predecessors. It shows that #genius is more than having cognitive intelligence. The

subtle integration of the product, children and smiles in the commercials portrays a pretty

relatable picture for us Indians, doesn’t it?

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