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Marketing Strategy of Tide Detergent - Kyun, Chaunk Gaye Na?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Here’s a piece of information that will turn your reaction into chaunk indeed - Tide is not an Indian brand. This fact makes Tide’s high brand recall value in India even more interesting. So how did they do this?

The year was 1946 when Tide transformed Procter & Gamble from an ordinary soap company to a global organization. The product was based on synthetic compounds and not soap chemicals. Take a look at their first ever advertisement to grasp how far things have come since then.

Tide’s Entry in India - How, When, What, Why?

India has a huge market for detergent and it is one that is growing at a positive pace since detergents are a daily necessity here. In the year 2000, Tide was launched in India. The goal of any detergent is the same - cleaning clothes and removing stains. This is why it is crucial for any brand to understand the customer’s psyche to make sure that their brand is unique and does not get lost in the crowd of other detergents, all of which are doing the same task. Tide has been successful in achieving that and as of 2019, it has a market share of 13% in the Indian detergent space.

Product Strategy

Tide predominantly being a detergent product used for washing purposes, offers a wide range of other products aimed to serve different purposes. Tide includes Pods, Liquid, Powder, and Stain Remover to name a few. Products are also classified based on flavor of scent, whiteness, and anti-germ properties. This strategy offers consumers a wide range of choices based on their preferences.

Identifying the Target Audience

In India, in most cases, women are the decision-makers when it comes to household chores. They look for products that will solve their problems while also being cost-friendly. Tide recognized this fact and started advertising by targeting Indian homemakers at large. This led to an increase in its sales and a boost in their popularity among homemakers.

A considerable amount of our population does not own a washing machine which makes manual washing prevalent. By introducing Tide Naturals with lemon and sandalwood extracts which are less harsh on hands while washing clothes, Tide made sure their target audience knows that the brand understands their problems.

During the pandemic housework increased by 29% and Tide acknowledged this and came up with the campaign #TideForTime.

Through these strategies, Tide manages to maintain a deep connection with its consumers by showing that they care about their target audience’s needs.

Find a problem, offer a solution

The secret to effective marketing is providing solutions. Due to India’s weather, clothes tend to get dirty very quickly and need to be washed frequently. But frequent washing causes damage to the fabric. Tide addressed this issue by highlighting its whitening effects in the detergent.

Pricing it right

Consumers want top quality without burning a hole in their wallet. Tide found a way to bridge this gap. It tackled the brand power of Surf Excel and Ariel through pricing, and at the same time managed to compete against lower-priced brands like Ghadi and Wheel, due to its international brand equity.

Memorable Advertising

The goal of any tagline is to have great recall value. Tide understands this and constantly comes up with campaigns that you will remember. “Kyun chaunk gaye na?”, “Tide hain, toh white hai”, “Tide Plus, jo de White Plus” are a few of their clever taglines.

Building a relatability quotient in the market can never go wrong. The easiest way to do this is by adding humor. The #CollarUpWithTideCampaign conveyed their message while using humor to make it even more relatable.

Packaging that stands out

During a time when most other detergent brands had sober-coloured packaging, Tide chose the unique route. Their bright vibrant colors were one of a kind and easily recognizable in a crowd. Through their packaging they managed to grab attention and have been continuously inventing new packaging techniques to attract customers ever since.

What’s New?

Recently, Tide got in Ayushmann Khurrana as their brand ambassador in the Indian market. The actor is famous for his relatable roles combined with strong social messages. Tide also launched #AngelsInWhite campaign to pay respect to the healthcare professionals who are bravely contributing to help win our war against the Covid-19 pandemic.

This emotional campaign has resonated with people and also once again managed to establish Tide’s connection with “whiteness” which stands for purity and unity.


For over 20 years now, Tide has created a presence worth remembering in the Indian market.They have managed to do this by understanding consumer needs and catering to it. And also through product evolution and clever marketing and advertising strategies. The brand’s attempts to bond with the Indian homemakers is an important marketing lesson for competitors. It will be intriguing to see what the detergent marketing future holds in India.

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Meghana Trikovala
Meghana Trikovala
Sep 09, 2023

Very beautifully analysed. 😍

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