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Kitkat Australia has gone to the fantasy lands for their new ad campaign

Sit back, relax, take a break. KitKat’s brand campaigns could not be any more relatable than their ads we so enjoy. Narrating the perfect story relatable to everyday scenarios, KitKat has once again aced the game. The past year has been proven stressful and frustrating to all. What better way to place the product with the perfect tagline...have a break, have a KitKat!

KitKat in association with Wunderman Thompson, Australia took advantage of the everyday situation and point of stress just to communicate how magical a break can be.

KiKat roped in Michael Caton, Australian screen legend and the very talented Miritana Hughes for a series of quick ads from 30 seconds to 6 seconds snippets. Each ad depicting the message louder than the other. This campaign showed various points where one would get frustrated from keeping the mic on mute, Friday evening office calls, just unable to Monday, lack of working space, miscommunications to plain and simple taking a break!

Using Google's wealth of life and events and the love towards their audience, the agency developed the series so as to make the ad more relatable and in turn increasing the brand metrics. The campaign was launched on digital and social media with all the snippets released one after the other.


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