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How Nike turned graffiti walls into stores

When tech is mixed with art, that’s where the magic happens. Or in this case, that’s where astronomical sales happen. Nike’s Air Max shoes generated a 32% increase in sales by turning walls into stores in Brazil.

Graffiti characters are what represent the streets of São Paulo in Brazil. Through a partnership with the Brazilian street-art collective InstaGrafite, Nike invited artists to place Air Max shoes on the feet of their existing graffiti characters around the city.

Every week there was a new sneaker drop and the only way to get them on a limited pre-sale was to visit the walls and unlock purchase at using geolocation, which ensured that only those who were standing near the graffiti had access to the sneakers present in the artwork.

Both graffiti-lovers and sneaker-heads went crazy, resulting in the murals being forever embedded in the city’s cultural heritage and the sneakers being sold out within minutes!

Nike’s campaign found a way to blend tech with creativity while also tapping into Brazil’s graffiti heritage. The outcome was a 22% increase in visits to the brand’s website, an 80 million boost in their social media reach, and the legendary campaign continuing to live on as a part of the city’s cultural heritage. Added bonus: This campaign also won the Media Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2019!

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