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If you have ever noticed Burger King ads, you wouldn’t deny how their ads are characterized by a provocative tone of voice, bold yet daring approach, and never forget to put their classic tongue-in-cheek humor. Isn’t it? As McDonald’s cheeky little younger brother, this burger brand never misses an opportunity to publicly grill its competitors.

Along with all this, Burger King has had its fair share of critics, trolls, negative feedback, and hate online, most of it arising from bad experiences with food. With its campaign, #KeepItRealMeals they took a step towards providing only authentic food. The brand has taken a pledge to ban 120 artificial colors from its menu and actively evaluate how the food is being prepared and eliminate the use of colors, flavors, and preservatives, that compromise the realness of your beverages.

To announce its all-real menu in style, Burger King put its haters on a pedestal and pulled quite a gutsy move. Any guesses?

It publicly owned its flaws with a self-diss rap video and even compiled real tweets in it. With time, rap has gained popularity and is becoming a part of our pop culture thanks to social media that is giving them a platform to uplift and spring new talent regularly.

This new effort pushes their idea of providing the best to their customers with no fake ingredients. To spread the word and create a marketing buzz, the chain is also offering limited-edition “Keep It Real Meals” backed by rap artist Nelly, social media personality Lil Huddy and Brazilian singer and actress Anitta. This was an integrated advertisement brilliantly created and conceptualized by Miami Ad School, Germany for Burger King.

Well, for years Burger King has told their customers and guests that they can have it their way - but the new catch is it must be the “real way”.

What do you think about it?


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