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When Apple Stores got hijacked by Back Market!

Back Market, a company specializing in refurbished smartphones came up with an creative campaign, at Apple stores to promote eco technology.

They used a strategy of sending messages through Airdrop to iPhones, iPads and MacBooks installed in the Apple stores.

These messages contained phrases like "Hey look ! No ones watching". Why not try a refurbished option? It's cheaper and better for the environment " along with a link to their store where they sell refurbished products.

This unconventional 'hack' took place in London, Berlin and Paris. The phone that sent out these alerts was discreetly hidden inside a water bottle placed on a bicycle parked outside the Apple stores.

The goal of this stunt was to change consumer perceptions about refurbished phones and encourage purchasing decisions. Videos of the event showed reactions, from people with one individual even mentioning that it made them reconsider their tech purchases.

Back Market and Marcel Agency's bold approach not only captured attention but also inspired people to think more critically about their future technology choices.

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