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Throwback to top Women’s Day campaigns by brands

So, Women's Day 2021 is just around the corner and brands from all sectors are gearing up to make a mark on social media when the judgement day arrives. To give them all some inspiration, here we are with some amazing women's day campaigns over the years.

1) Reebok

Reebok India’s #BruisesCanBeGood campaign for women’s day enlightened us to realise that women are #FitToFight. The sports and athleisure wear brand released a short film which showed how different people wrongly perceived a woman’s bruises. The brand’s association with fitness and strength was an appropriate element to be linked to women empowerment.

2) Apple

Apple released a video which was a mere compilation of images of women from different walks of life using Mac. Known for their simplistic yet impactful identity, the tech giant managed to rightly give out the message. The inclusion of famous women in the video added weight to what was being portrayed.

3) Netflix

Netflix India managed to finally call out to all the women’s day specific discounts and cliché wishes! The short ad film shows how a woman is bombarded with the chaos around the day but at the end of the day, does what she like- NETFLIX. The brand showed how it makes our lives easier by its functionality, every day.

5) Orientbell

How does a tile-brand become relevant to women’s day you ask? Here’s what Orientbell tiles did to honour women- they celebrated their choices. The humorous take on women’s demanding choices for the best tiles leads to what they call- a transition from a “Makaan” to “Ghar”.

Hope you are going back to your desk with creative inspirations in mind. Don't forget to check our feature post on Women's Day on Instagram where we will showcase the best campaigns by brands on Women's Day.

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