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The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2022

The Super Bowl is not just an exciting time for sports but is also one of the biggest events for advertisements. Given the fact that most years the Super Bowl is the highest-viewed program on television in America and the second most-watched program worldwide, the game is a great opportunity for brands to win over hearts and gain new customers.

With an audience of approximately 100 million U.S. viewers, a 30 second spot on NBC’s telecast cost about $7 million. Here’s a compilation of 10 of the best Super Bowl commercials that stood out from the mass.

1) Coinbase’s QR code

Easily one of the most unique Super Bowl commercials of all time, this ad went on for 60 seconds with hypnotic background music which eventually generated enough curiosity in the viewers to pull out their phones and scan the QR code.

2) Lay’s - Golden Memories

The chemistry between Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd is unmatchable. The dynamic duo prep for Seth’s wedding and reminisce about golden memories - with a creepy twist! Definitely one of the funniest ads of Super Bowl 2022.

3) Hellmann’s: Mayo Tackles Food Wast

When Pete Davidson isn’t facing the brunt of Kanye West, he’s being tackled by Jerod Mayo who wants to stop food waste. This commercial stars Pete’s real mom who is also knocked down by the former NFL player.

4) Planet Fitness - What’s Gotten into Lindsay?

This Planet Fitness commercial pokes fun at Lindsay Lohan’s rocky past and allows her to control her redemption narrative.

5) Squarespace - Sally’s Seashells

Directed by film luminary Edgar Wright, “Sally’s Seashells” this ad showcases Emmy-winning actress Zendaya as seashell-seller Sally. The commercial is as enjoyable as the good old tongue twister.

6) Uber Don’t Eats

Watch this commercial if you want to see celebrities try to eat non-edible products like diapers and light bulbs. Gwyneth Paltrow actually takes a bite out of a vagina-scented candle. Yep.

7) Don't Miss Out on Crypto

Larry David rejects everything - wheel, toilet, fork, coffee - you name it, he rejects it. Cryptocurrency or the FTX crypto app is no exception either. This hilarious commercial is proof that only Larry can get paid to appear in a crypto ad and still say he's against it.

8) Feed The Debate

Ken Jeong and Joel McHale in a bar. Arguing about the right way to eat nuts. Few seconds later - it’s a nationwide battle.

9) Amazon's Big Game Commercial

If you love SNL sketches, you will love this ad. Married couple Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson discover that it’s a good thing Alexa is not a mind reader.

10) Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage

Classic barbie advertisement meets the distressing reality of home buying. In a competitive home buying market, Barbie was able to finance her dream house with some help from Anna Kendrick.

If you have reached the end of this article, it is no secret that you have love for the ad world. To stay updated on iconic ads and crazy marketing campaigns, follow us on Instagram.

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