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The best Christmas ads over the years that will make you feel merry this season

It’s the season to be jolly and watch brands come up with their own creative advertisements. There is no better time than during festivals for brands to use the power of advertising to help customers connect with them. Christmas is the perfect time to do this and most of the ads during this time are a delight to watch.

So here’s a compilation of some of the best Christmas ads of all time. Grab your blanket and hot chocolate and scroll till the end to tell us which ad was your personal favorite!

1) Coca-Cola

2) Swiggy

3) John Lewis & Partners

4) Nerolac Paints

5) Renault

6) McDonald's

7) Disney UK

8) Apple

9) Amazon

10) Fastrack

11) Marks & Spencer


The relationship between Christmas and ads is like winter with hot chocolate - you know it’s coming and it will only put a smile on your face. A good advertisement can make a consumer remember the brand. The deeper the emotional connection, the better it is.

So which advertisement touched your heart the most? Share with us in the comments below, and follow The Ad Network on Instagram to keep up with all things in the ad world!

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