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Stranger Things' Strange Marketing Strategy

Have you watched Stranger Things 4 yet? The comeback created quite a buzz and definitely lived up to the hype. What’s even more interesting is their take on creating regionally relevant content as a form of marketing. Along with their global outreach content, we also saw a surge of specifically curated content for India, Indonesia, Ireland, and more.

Big Budget Big Bang

According to media reports, Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most expensive shows on the platform, with the makers investing as much as USD 30 million per episode. When the investment is so high, it is no surprise that they will go all out on their marketing to keep the buzz going.

Teaser Drop

Fans had to wait for 2 years before Netflix announced the return of Stranger Things. The initial announcement was made in mid 2021 with small teasers followed by the official full-length trailer.

Going The Animation Way

To hype up the new season even more and make the popular characters stand out, Netflix roped in local artists to create short-form animation videos.

Not only did these minute-long videos get a good amount of traffic and worked successfully in promoting the new season, it also gave the well-deserved exposure to unknown artists.

Worldwide Creativity

There are very few shows which have the same level of global reach as Stranger Things had from the very beginning. To take it even further, Netflix created regionally relatable content - TikTok in Indonesia, Varun Dhawan in India, intriguing posters in UK - the makers went all out when it came to their marketing.

To promote the upcoming Tamil and Telugu dub of the season, Netflix collaborated with Musical Maestro Ilaiyarajaa.

And how can the influencers be left out when it comes to promoting content? Netflix also partnered with influencer and actor Ayush Mehra and Yashaswini R Dayama.

Strange Things Happening All Over The World

Mysterious clues with a bunch of numbers and the city’s name at the bottom, dated May 26, were regularly being shared on social media.

It does not end here - on the said date, 14 countries around the world witnessed the ‘Upside Down’ rift open, covering 15 landmarks including Bondi Beach in Australia, Empire State Building in New York City and The Gateway of India in Mumbai.

The Final Touch

After months of creating hype all around the world, Netflix finally shared the first 8 minutes of the show, creating further anticipation and buzz.

Their last move was dropping the final trailer for Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1, giving the audience to connect all the dots.

Love the show or hate the show, this crazy marketing strategy deserves respect. What do you think? For more content on marketing strategies and unique ad campaigns, consider following The Ad Network.

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