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Inclusive Marketing - Lego’s Braille Bricks for visually impaired children

Studies have shown that children naturally learn through play. When learning is mixed with fun, it gives rise to creativity and curiosity. Lego launched Braille Bricks which are designed to help children, who are visually impaired, learn the Braille system of reading and writing while also enjoying themselves.

The Braille Bricks come with “studs” on each brick which are designed to correspond precisely with letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet. Each kit contains 300+ Legos covering the full alphabet in the chosen language, numbers 0-9, and some mathematical symbols and punctuation marks.

The blocks come with the letter or number printed on them so that children who are visually impaired can learn and play alongside their sighted peers. The new Braille bricks also fit together with the previously existing Lego bricks.

The idea for Lego Braille bricks was first put forward to the Lego Foundation by the Danish Association of the Blind in 2011. John Goodwin, CEO of the Lego Foundation, said: “With this project, we are bringing a playful and inclusive approach to learning Braille to children”


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