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In-game advertising and attention marketing. How does it work?

We are currently living a life where the average person is exposed to thousands of ads every single day. With a staggering decrease in everyone’s attention span and a want for instant gratification, marketing has now more than ever before become a contest for people’s attention.

Advertising is all about adapting. The prime example of this is how advertising changed after the pandemic. Before it was almost like marketers were trying to hold onto the good old days and now the industry seems to be obsessed with the future. The term metaverse becoming a popular buzzword is proof of that.

With an eye on the future, many advertisers have begun to look at mediums like gaming that allow them to return to attention-based marketing. It’s about capturing the audience’s imagination in a way where they are actively engaged, and not just bombarded with messaging.

How in-game advertising works to capture attention

One of the main reasons gaming is becoming a channel for advertisers is because attention-based marketing and gaming go hand in hand. The popularity of gaming has especially increased now as people across the globe seemed to take a renewed interest in gaming during the pandemic.

With in-game advertising, brand ads are blended dynamically into the gameplay, which means they appear as part of the environment. This kind of advertising feeds into the game's narrative and brings it to life, as a result enhancing the experience of the gamer. Custom virtual experiences have become extremely popular on games platforms like Roblox and Fortnite and this is something advertisers can also tap into.

The future of advertising

The present scenario of advertising looks like an intersection between the 2D flat webpage and the 3D virtual environment. With time, there might be a complete shift to 3D. Just like any other industry, for advertising to work, it will need to evolve with time. There are going to be countless ways to advertise in the new futuristic world, and attention marketing will definitely play a big part in this.

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