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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is here with an amazing plan for senior citizens. Read to know more.

COVID-19 made us realize the importance of healthcare for senior citizens and reminded us of the need of the hour - how to provide them with timely assistance.

Underlining this, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance recently launched a health insurance rider, called “Respect - Senior Care Rider” on 23rd December ‘22 in Mumbai.

This is a health insurance add-on, with which people can ensure smarter, simpler & compassionate care of their parents or any related senior citizen from any part of the world.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Tapan Singhel, MD & CEO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, said, "India is amongst the youngest countries in the world, which is a unique position to hold. Youngsters, who very often work outside their hometowns, are not just spread all over the country but the whole world. Their aging parents, who are spread all over the country, are their biggest worry, and they are often apprehensive about their health and well-being. The Respect senior care rider is our humble endeavor to address this worry and to be there for our customers in their times of emergency. This rider is aimed at simplifying the lives of our customers through a bouquet of services specifically curated to meet their health insurance needs and much more.”

Benefits of Respect - Senior Care Rider

Listing some benefits offered under this Rider:

● Ambulance Service

- Emergency Road Ambulance Service (twice a year per insured person)

- Planned Road Ambulance Service (twice a year per insured person)

● Fall Detection, Automatic SOS & GPS positions messaging to emergency contacts in case of fall or trigger, through Smart Watch

- Sedentary and Medtime reminders

- Monitoring Blood Oxygen Saturation, Body temperature, Heart rate

● Nursing Care at Home (5 days a year, 12 hours per day)

● Unlimited Medical Tele-consultations by General Practitioners and specialists

● Psychological Tele-consultations (up to 2 a year)

● Concierge Assistance Services

● Cyber Assistance, Travel Booking & Legal Assistance

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